After 30 years with Best Western, Magnuson Hotel Zephyrhills “Never Looked Back”

September 26, 2014

Situated in the center of beautiful Zephyrhills, Florida, the award-winning Magnuson Hotel Zephyrhills was one of the first hotels in the Magnuson Hotels brand. In fact, they just celebrated their six-year anniversary with Magnuson Hotels on August 1st.

Before their switch to the Magnuson brand, the hotel had been running under the Best Western flag for thirty years.

“We left Best Western because their demands were over the top. They were being wasteful with our money,” stated Eileen Stevens, daughter of George Sowa, owner of the Magnuson Hotel Zephyrhills. “We were spending $5,000 dollars a month with Best Western, between their fees and Gold Crown Club. Every month, they would ding us for something. When we work with Magnuson, there is a significant return on our investment.”

In 2008, the owners decided it was time for a change. After talking to dozens of ex-Best Western owners who switched to Magnuson, they converted their hotel and were impressed with the service and freedom the brand had to offer. Today, they are running the hotel the way they have always wanted to.

“People come back again and again. We get to know them. It’s a lot easier now that we are not under the gun of Best Western,” said Eileen. “We are very happy with Magnuson. We jumped and never looked back!”

Mr and Mrs George Sowa and family were the second Best Western to brand with Magnuson, leading a wave of 400 more Best Western conversions to Magnuson Hotels.

For information on brand affiliation please contact:
US 509.747.8713
UK 44.208.767.4878