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Historic Route US 66

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Hotels on Route 66

Historic Route US 66 is best experienced as part of a classic road trip.

Even better if you’ve got a classic car to go with it. We’re thinking a mid-60’s drop-top convertible.

Explore the nostalgia of the great American highway, while staying in comfort at every stop along the way with Magnuson Hotels. Passing through the heart of the United States, the Historic Route US 66 runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. Enjoy scenic vistas and step back in time to the heyday of the family road trip on one of the America’s first highways. Discover classic Americana at roadside caf├ęs and diners as well as some of Americas greatest tourist attractions. See both the vibrant streets of some of America’s oldest cities and its small quaint towns. Travel through rolling fields, the desert of the Southwest, to the beautiful Pacific coast. As well as such natural wonders as the Ozarks and Grand Canyon.

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