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Horse Nature National Park

Must See Spots For Nature Lovers

As the sun shines in some states and snow is still melting in others if you’re looking for a trip but aren’t sure where to visit; how about a visit to some of the stunning national nature parks? We’ve put a suggestion list together for you; these parks are sure to take your breath away.


North DakotaTheodore Roosevelt National Park

Where the rugged Badlands and the great plains of the Americas meet, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park stands out, with the best of both worlds. The park is home to animals ranging from the Bison in the grass to the Bald Eagles in the sky. Named after the man who fell in love with it, Theodore Roosevelt, used the park as a nature reserve for some of it’s incredible beasts. There seems to be only one thing that this park lacks, and that’s humans. Visitors are able to experience the natural beauty with only themselves and their loved ones.

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South DakotaCuster State Park - South Dakota

East of the Black Hills National Forest, Custer State Park is 71,000 acres of true American nature. You can hike, bike, rock climb, kayak, or ride on horseback through the park, making your experience one that you won’t forget. Some of the animals sharing the land with you include: bighorn sheep, mountain lions, mountain goats, prairie dogs and white tailed deer.  Not only this, but just south of the park is Wind Cave National Park; known for its vast underground wind cave. Custer State Park is a treasure, from the blue skies above to the clear lakes below.

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WyomingYellowstone National Park Geyser

Who hasn’t heard of possibly the most famous national Park in America? Spanning across 3 great American states, Yellowstone Park is located on top of a volcanic hotspot and is renowned for its geysers. With a range of climate across the park, there are plenty of activities to do whilst you visit. From horse riding, fishing, trekking through to cycling and boating, these are just some of the activities for you to enjoy while you enjoy the stunning surroundings of Yellowstone Park. For nature lovers, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, lynxes and wolverines are some of the animals that live amongst the snow. 

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MontanaGlacier National Park Montana

In the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, running all the way up to the border of Canada, the Glacier National Park really is one of a kind. The park is still home to many of America’s remaining Glaciers. Glacier National Park is also home to hundreds of species of birds that are rare to see anywhere else. The lakes and rivers contain many fish native to the park, such as the redside shiner, the peamouth, and the bull trout. Hiking some of the 734 miles of the park, fishing, horse riding and cycling are just some of the many activities to do while you’re at Glacier National Park.  

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