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Top 10 Attractions to Visit in China

Get ready to visit China this year with our guide to top sights

Visit China; one of the most incredible countries on earth, offering diverse landscapes and plenty of things to see and do. Thanks to our partnership with Jin Jiang Hotels, we can provide you with the ideal pit-stop during your stay! Here’s our quick guide to ten of China’s most wonderful attractions:


Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Many people say that until you’ve visiting the Great Wall, you haven’t experienced China at all. It’s not only a truly remarkable marvel of ancient architecture but winds its way through the country from the west to the east coast, with the most well-preserved sections to be found near Beijing. It’s no wonder that the Great Wall has made its way into the Seven Wonders of the World.





Terracotta WarriorsThe Terracotta Army

Another of the country’s most impressive sights, China’s Terracotta Army represents a real feat of preservation. Discovered in 1974 buried deep underground, this marvel was hidden for more than 2000 years and contains hundreds of highly-detailed figures which create a true model army. Each of the figures have unique facial expressions and hairstyles which can give you insight into the military fashion of the time.





Beijing Olympic StadiumBeijing National Stadium

This architectural sight was designed by Stefan Marbach to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games – but has continued to be used long after this original purpose, with an open-plan style which will be familiar to anyone who remembers the games that year. (Do you remember that amazing opening ceremony!?) We recommend you view the site at night as well for what is often a very spectacular lit installation which would look great on a post for friends and family back home.





West Lake in HangzhouWest Lake in Hangzhou

Traditionally known as ‘paradise on earth’, there is a reason why this destination has earned such an enviable nickname. The west lake was designed to provide a space for China’s great love of recreational parks, and the adjoining waterway gives stunning views. If you’re lucky to visit in season, there are often water lilies and cherry blossoms in full bloom which add to the mystery and majesty of the ancient site.





The Forbidden CityThe Forbidden City

Beijing’s Forbidden City once refused entry to ordinary people, developed as a ‘palace city’ for China’s Imperial family. It is a remarkable sight, with over 8000 rooms adorned in gold, red and yellow. Synonymous with the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was in use for nearly 600 years. The golden lion (pictured left) is a tourist favourite that greets all visitors to the ancient city.






The Yellow MountainsThe Yellow Mountains

Shanghai’s Yellow Mountains boast some of the country’s most incredible scenery, with cloudy vistas and unusual rockery and pine trees providing the chance to see the sun rise and set in the most unique of locations. Go early in the morning to see the peaks draped in mist with a blanket of light fog in the valleys which slowly dissipates as the sun rises over the mountains.





Giant PandaChengdu’s Pandas

Pandas are much beloved by not only the Chinese, but many of the people who visit China. Chengdu is the home of the giant panda, with Chengdu Panda Centre located in the north of the city and offering plenty of chances to see this much-loved animal up close. Don’t be surprised if they spend your whole visit eating, it’s what they do pretty much all day long!





The BundThe Bund

The Bund encompasses the waterfront area of Shanghai and is well known for its European-style buildings which nestle alongside more modern skyscrapers to create an incredible skyline. This was once the wealthiest area of Shanghai, particularly during the 19th and 20th century. Today it still gives plenty of opportunities to explore and take some wonderful photographs.





Giant Wild Goose PagodaGiant Wild Goose Pagoda

This famous Buddhist pagoda was built in 652, and though subsequently badly damaged in an earthquake during the 1500s, still stands tall in southern Xi’an. It’s a truly impressive sight to see and has undergone several restorations to ensure it can be enjoyed for many more years to come. Visit in spring to see the surrounding green spaces in full color for the most breathtaking views.





National Museum of ChinaNational Museum of China

If you really want to find out more about China’s history, this is a great starting point! The National Museum of China includes everything from sculptures to touring exhibitions, unveiling the true story of how the country came to be. In season, the surrounding grounds are expertly manicured and could be considered an attraction in themselves.






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