Free PMS property management system from Magnuson Hotels

July 11, 2013

Why struggle with separate hotel operating systems? In most cases, the PMS, CRS (central reservation system), accounting and reporting don’t connect with each other.

Sign up for low cost online reservation services today from Magnuson Hotels and receive a free web based PMS. Not only is it free, but we give you money back.

  • Free web based hotel PMS.
  • No fees for installation, training, maintenance or upgrades.
  • Easy to use, 24/7 support.
  • Connects directly to Magnuson Hotels CRS, all reservations download to your system.
  • Mobile reporting access.
  • Daily dashboard shows rooms sold, occupancy, source of booking, ADR all in one place.
  • Over 400 interfaces supported including PBX, Keycard, POS and credit cards.

The PMS1 system is supported by a .99 USD per occupied room guest surcharge. We collect the money, so there’s no work for you. And, PMS1 offers money back to you. For a 70-room hotel, that’s about $1000 per year.

For information on brand affiliation please contact:
US 509.747.8713
UK 44.208.767.4878