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Courtesy Inn Atlantic City Airport Egg Harbor Township

2580 Tilton Road Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Courtesy Inn Atlantic City Airport Egg Harbor Township

About the hotel

The Courtesy Inn Egg Harbor Township is located near Atlantic City and has easy access to the Expressway. Amenities include a free breakfast, free parking and a business center.


Free Parking
Continental Breakfast
24-Hour Front Desk
Business Center

Room Availability

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Things to do

Tours and Attractions

X-FILE Interactive Escape Room in New Jersey

You and your Activist group decided to hack into the FBI database. Not only did you uncover solid proof that Alien life exists, but you also discovered that our government has been performing gruesome experiments on the Aliens to create a more efficient soldier!
As soon as the leader of your group finishes downloading your hacked FBI files, an unauthorized transmission begins.
“Your acceptance of this transmission is in accordance with Galactic Law #65193 and thus we are now in negotiation. Your planet has unlawfully abducted a leader in our supreme command. Return him immediately. You will have one hour to comply or we will destroy your planet!”

From: $ 31.99

The Hostel Interactive Escape Room in New Jersey

Barry, the most trusting person in the group, decides he is going to hang out with some of the local teenagers. Barry never returned to the Hostel from his adventure last night. You and your friends decide to search for Barry. You find out from an anonymous source that Barry has been kidnapped by a Black Market Mafia Ring that traffics humans for High Level Corporate CEO’s.These CEO’s pay a lot of money to torture human beings to death.

You and your friends decide to infiltrate the the torture chamber where Barry is being held. Unfortunately, you were caught on camera, and now the whole group has been cuffed to opposite walls inside a torture chamber and Barry has been strapped to an electric chair!

YOUR MISSION: Save Barry from electrocution, unshackle your group and escape the torture chamber, before the crazy chainsaw wielding CEO comes in and murders everyone.

From: $ 31.99

Private Transfer: Atlantic City to JFK or Laguardia Airports

Relax and enjoy the ride with your professional chauffeur from your location in Atlantic City, NJ to JFK or Laguardia Airport.

From: $ 589.00

Points of Interest

Area Highlights

Atlantic City Intl
Atlantic City
Egg Harbor Township
Somers Point
Ocean City
Ventnor City


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