Why We Work

December 2, 2006

I remember clearly the grand opening of the Stardust Motel.

It was 1964 in America, and I was 8 years old in Wallace, Idaho – a rough and tough silver mining town up on the Montana border. And I’ll never forget how proud my grandparents were of my Dad’s new 44 room cinder block motel.

You see, for decades my Italian Grandma cleaned houses for the mine owners, and my Swedish Grandpa cut meat for a living; all so my Dad could go to college and be a business success.

And through the years, we all built bed frames, planted flowers, shoveled snow, and signed personal notes-whatever it took to keep the motel alive so truckers and traveling salesmen could have a warm clean place to sleep.

Forty-one years after the grand opening, I am still guided by their American Dream– that every day ahead will be even better than today. And I know you will agree that nobody achieves anything alone; every measure of success comes from the love and support of family, friends and employees working together toward a common goal.

Whether your name is Magnuson, Patel, Kelley or Chang-if you are a motel/hotel owner out there in America battling to survive, you’re not alone. We raise this flag for you. This is why we work.

Tom Magnuson, Principal
Magnuson Hotels