WIHP to Add 1000+ European Hotels to Global Hotel Exchange

March 28, 2012

WIHP (World Independent Hotels Promotion), one of the leading hotel marketing companies in Europe, has recently closed an agreement with Global Hotel Exchange to further expand revenue channels for hotels in the WIHP network. WIHP is already working with numerous OTAs ensuring the distribution of hotels is properly managed on all possible platforms, to create a win-win situation where hotels increase their profits and benefit from the traffic generated from these sources. For WIHP clients, Global Hotel Exchange is another channel of distribution, which offers obvious advantages to both hotel owners and consumers.

Unlike most OTAs (online travel agencies), GHX charges no merchant discounts, commissions or distribution fees of any kind to hotels. Global Hotel Exchange does not collect any funds from the hotel. Total room rate, taxes and all other charges are collected at checkout by the hotel. Global Hotel Exchange sends complete reservation data upon booking with full details necessary to hold each room. For travelers, Global Hotel Exchange eliminates corporate travel pains such as pre-travel credit card blocking, prepaid room fees and inflexible cancelation policies. The traveler will only pay hotel fees upon arrival at the hotel. The whole purpose of Global Hotel Exchange is to facilitate a direct dialogue between guests and hotels, thus removing the impersonal middleman. WIHP hotels are always interested in receiving the best possible representation online, and GHX provides excellent means at no cost:

“It’s in WIHP’s DNA to work with independent hotels and develop ways for them to increase their distribution. We have worked with many OTAs and have partnerships with them. For us GHX is more than just an OTA, it follows our philosophy of generating bookings for hotels at the best possible cost. We are proud to be able to distribute our hotel clients through GHX as one of the most innovative distribution channels of the last decade,” said Martin Soler, WIHP’s Marketing Director.

“Global Hotel Exchange is proud to welcome WIHP and their clients to a new worldwide league of hotels reshaping distribution and service in favour of consumers. By selling rooms direct to consumers, and without the added costs of OTA and travel agent fees, WIHP and other GHX hotels will have more resources to serve consumers, and offer lower prices as well. With some 1230 hotel clients worldwide, this collaboration with WIHP adds significantly to the GHX value equation, for hotels and their guests,” added Global Hotel Exchange CEO and Founder Thomas Magnuson.

About Global Hotel Exchange:

Global Hotel Exchange (GHX) is a new worldwide trading platform going live in March 2012 across internet, mobile and social networks, GHX is a consumer booking platform that will provide ‘market based pricing,’ a simple, fast and transparent way to book a room at a fair market price. There are no merchant discounts, commissions or distribution fees of any kind to hotels. Hotels will regain control their own rates and allocations via security extranet. For more information, visit globalhotelexchange.com, or find GHX on Google+ and Twitter @GHXchange