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About Magnuson

Dedicated to connecting family owned and operated hotels with travelers seeking lodging that exceeds expectations.

Since its founding in 2003, Magnuson Hotels has been dedicated to friendly service and value.

Magnuson Hotels is now headquartered in London UK and Spokane WA, USA and stands today by its original mission, to celebrate and advance the principles and success of independent hotel owners providing lodging to travelers in their own unique way. Since all Magnuson Hotels are individually owned and operated, you are always welcomed as a personal guest, often by the hotel owners themselves.

Visitors to independently owned properties of the Magnuson Hotels affiliation group will find great value for less at resorts, city centers, interstate locations, small towns and airports.

Our Hotels

Looking for mid-priced to upper scale hotels and resorts? A Magnuson Hotel provides travelers with contemporary and authentic accommodation, around the world.

Our collection of premium hotels, Magnuson Grand offers travelers upscale level hotels and resorts complete with the finest facilities and amenities, in a variety of enviable locations.

Our M Star Hotel collection provides a vast and varied group of economy and upper economy level hotels, perfect for travelers seeking affordable comfort.
Magnuson Independent hotels offer top quality and comfort with excellent service. Each independently owned hotel offers an enjoyable and unique guest experience .

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