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Cities in China with Jin Jiang and Magnuson Hotels

Top 8 Cities in China To Visit This Year

These cities in China are a must-see on any trip!

China is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world and has plenty of fantastic cities which offer ample opportunities to explore! When you stay with our partners Jin Jiang Hotels, you can be in the heart of the action – here’s our pick of the top eight cities to add to your itinerary…



Once the hub of imperial China, Shanghai remains its largest city and provides one of the world’s most impressive economic and business destinations. With an eclectic skyline which includes both historic buildings and distinctly modern skyscrapers, the cutting edge and the cultural are closely aligned in this unique destination.





No list of cities in China would be complete without mentioning Beijing, the country’s capital and home to some of its most remarkable sights. For over 700 years, Beijing has been the main hub of China, and it also features destinations such as the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Easy to reach by plane, it’s often the first stop for those visiting China for the first time.





This elegant city is best known for its water towns and plethora of traditional Chinese gardens. Suzhou is a real hub of man-made and architectural – and provides a snapshot into a China which many may consider a thing of the past. For a glimpse of Chinese tradition, there is nowhere better.





This is one of China’s major historical venues, with travellers delighted by sights such as the 2000-year-old Terracotta Army and a number of other precious relics. It was once the starting point of the famed Silk Road, which allowed the free flow of trade between China and the Western world. It is also home to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, an ancient Buddhist temple.





China’s pandas are one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, as well as a key part of its national identify and culture. Chengdu is the acknowledged home of China’s giant panda population, and also offers sights such as the Leshan Giant Buddha, a 72-metre stone statue carved into a cliff-face.





The incredible landscape of Guilin has given it an almost mythical quality and entrenched it in Chinese folklore. Rocky yet with plentiful rivers, there is everything here for any fan of scenery, including some truly amazing tourist caves.






Popular with backpackers due to its cosy, small-town vibe, Lijiang features plenty for lovers of the outdoors to enjoy, including plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery and enjoy the mountainous backdrop. It’s one of the more picturesque cities in china.





Hong KongHong Kong

This unique destination combines a mixture of different styles and hosts many fantastic attractions, including renowned shopping experiences and plenty of Chinese tradition, blending seamlessly with tourist-friendly shops and sights. The Victoria Harbour hosts some incredible skyscrapers, and Lantau Island hosts attractions such as Disneyland.




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