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Lose the PiPs with Magnuson Hotels

Each day, hotel owners are faced with a unique set of challenges, from managing RevPAR to ensuring their guests are comfortable and more apt to leave a positive online review for their property. For many hoteliers that work for major hotel chains, there is always one constant challenge looming over their heads—the specter of a Property Improvement Plan, known in the industry as a PiP.

Understanding PiPs

For hotel owners that have a major brand affiliation or are a typical franchisee, a PiP is a franchise action plan, a mandate for hotel owners to bring their property into compliance with brand standards at their own expense.

From minor improvements to major renovations, hoteliers that are associated with a major brand or large corporation can and will see significant financial hardships when having to follow along with mandated brand standardization updates.

As Thomas Magnuson, CEO of Magnuson Hotels, recently shared in an article on Hospitality.net, “Hoteliers need to make decisions based upon customer base, market and guest satisfaction in a manner that can drive a profit.” Magnuson continues that for the sake of family-owned properties, “these hotels would never be economically sustainable with corporate renovation demands each three to five years, so as hotel owners ourselves, we set out to create a way to put power back in the hands of the owners.”

The Magnuson Difference

Founded in 2003, Magnuson Hotels gives independently minded hotel owners a way to achieve global brand support without PIPS and required standardization to help maximize revenue opportunities.

Magnuson Hotels has created a turnkey, end-to-end, flexible hotel platform with the professional support you need without PIPs, franchise requirements or other unnecessary fees to maximize the profitability of your hotel. In addition, our expedited process will get you up and running with Magnuson Hotels within 30 days, while empowering you with the independence, freedom and flexibility to allow you to make the best decisions for you and your guests.

Ready to ditch the PiPs, maximize your RevPAR and gain your independence? Visit the Magnuson Worldwide website to contact us, email us at info@magnusonhotels.com or give us a call in the US at 866.904.1309 or in the UK at +44 (0)20 3051 2724

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