Ex-Western Franklin Square Inn fees drop 70%, profits soar via Magnuson brand conversion

October 3, 2014

Located in the centre of Houghton, Michigan, the 104-room Magnuson Hotel Franklin Square Inn provides guests with superb facilities and places them minutes from popular tourist attractions Isle Royale National Park, Mount Ripley Ski Area, and Portage Lake.

The former Best Western has been part of Magnuson Hotels for four years and they couldn’t be happier. “We are spending 70% less than we did with Best Western, with just as many reservations,” stated Gary Lubinski, owner of the Magnuson Hotel Franklin Square Inn. “We have more money for improvements and Magnuson provides us with the flexibility to be more profitable.”

Before their switch in November 2010, Gary was becoming more and more disappointed in Best Western. “Best Western started out as a pretty good deal but eventually became this corporate entity that wanted to suck everyone dry.”

With 26 years of hotel experience under his belt, Gary saw an opportunity with Magnuson and decided to take it. His switch to the Magnuson brand was simple, with no corporate mandates or unnecessary spending. He can now run his hotel how he sees fit.

“My father, who has a Harvard MBA, told me years before that I should switch to Magnuson,” said Gary. “I wish I would have listened sooner.”

Driving the rapid growth of 400 Best Western conversions to the Magnuson brand are Magnuson’s recent certification to the US Franchise Registry, the national listing of brands approved by the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Total 2014 YTD Magnuson Hotels brand growth has risen 40% over same period 2013, and the 400 Best Western conversions are particularly notable as it represents an amount equal to 20% of Best Western’s North American portfolio.

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