Global Hotel Exchange to Premiere Owner-First Features

February 13, 2012

Global Hotel Exchange announces owner-centric features that will allow hoteliers to regain complete control of money collection and customer data.

London, UK: Worldwide Hotel owners struggling with OTA control will be happy to see ‘hotels back in the hotel business’, when Global Hotel Exchange premieres a set of industry-defining new features this March.

Hotels will regain complete control of money collection and customer data with two of the initial ‘Owner-first’ features to premiere on Global Hotel Exchange.

Unlike most OTAs (online travel agencies), Global Hotel Exchange will collect no funds from the hotel. Total room rate, taxes and all other charges will be collected at checkout by the hotel. Global Hotel Exchange sends complete reservation data upon booking with full details necessary to hold each room.

What this means to the hotel owner is that 100% of the room rate, taxes and hotel charges are owned and collected by the hotel. GHX does not lock up the guest credit card in advance with prepaid and inflexible policies. As a result, consumers are not charged until they are actually at the hotel, preventing pre-charge blocking.

Once again, hotels will own the customers. After bookings with complete customer data are sent to each hotel, the nearly abandoned service relationship between hotel and guest will resume. In contrast to OTAs with inflexible prepaid policies, GHX urges hotels to be flexible and courteous in accommodating guest changes in order to generate direct loyalty to the hotel, and not to the OTA. GHX does not lock up the guest credit card with prepaid and inflexible cancelation policies; the hotel welcomes the guest directly.

About Global Hotel Exchange:

Global Hotel Exchange (GHX) is a new worldwide trading platform going live in March 2012 across internet, mobile and social networks, GHX is a consumer booking platform that will provide ‘market based pricing,’ a simple, fast and transparent way to book a room at a fair market price. There are no merchant discounts, commissions or distribution fees of any kind to hotels. Hotels will regain control their own rates and allocations via security extranet. For more information, visit, or find GHX on Google+ and Twitter @GHXchange