Meet the Ex-Westerns—America’s fastest growing hotel group?

March 7, 2007

Unmet need leads to great idea. Idea catches on, grows massive. Success and recognition attract freeloaders, “experts” who mess up the good idea, too many chiefs. And as fast as you can say AOL, Brylcreem or fall of the Roman Empire, the great idea loses its way, becoming completetly unrecognizable to the visionaries who started it all.

The transition is so slowly incremental, it is barely noticed.

Sixty years ago, on the hot and dusty highways of Southern California, a group of struggling motel owners banded together and created a simple telephone tree between properties, referring each other to highway travelers. The need and mission was simple-increase reservations, make more money. They called themselves the “best of the west,” and soon renamed officially as Best Western.

Over the last 60 years, the name grew worldwide. But over the same six decades, has the organization evolved through so many CEOs, Marketing VPs and boards of directors that it would be unrecognizable to the visionaries who started it all? If you ask a growing wave of former Best Western members including Wes Beal, Tom Bath and Tom Magnuson, they’ll say—yes.

Meet the Ex-Westerns, a growing number of owners leaving Best Western and declaring independence from industry standard fees and requirements associated with major franchise brands. With a back to basics mission no different from the Californians of 1946, Ex-Westerns are appearing nationwide from Maine to Memphis, Nevada to Florida, all focused upon getting more business at less cost.

Will Best Western join Pan Am, Prodigy and TWA?
Meet the Ex-Westerns, and decide for yourself.

About Magnuson Hotels, the fastest growing hotel chain in history.
In only seven years, Magnuson Hotels headquartered in Spokane, WA has become the world’s largest independent hotel group, representing nearly 1500 hotels and a combined affiliate base with assets in excess of $5.5 Billion. One of the top 10 global hotel chains, Magnuson Hotels was the #1 Hotel Company of Inc. Magazine’s 2009 annual ranking of the 5,000 fastest growing privately owned U.S. companies. With a four year reservation sales growth of 595%, Magnuson Hotels is listed in the top 100 U.S. business services companies.

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