Step to the front in 2007. Magnuson announces Orbitz, Travelocity priority placement agreements

July 1, 2007

First, Magnuson Hotels pioneered the introduction of low cost access to the world’s largest reservation system. Now, Magnuson Hotels is proud to help independent hotel owners even further. We’ve leveraged our size as the world’s largest independent hotel group to negotiate priority placement for Magnuson Hotels affiliates in a powerhouse package of top booking channels including Orbitz, Travelocity, Travelweb, Priceline and Cheaptickets.

Here’s the deal — if your hotel has more than 12 online competitors within a 20 mile radius, you need this priority placement program.

Internet users are spoiled rotten by speed. They are in a hurry to find what they want, and have all the attention span of a fruit fly. So, when people are looking for a room on Orbitz or Travelocity, your hotel needs to be placed way up toward the top, or they will choose someone else.

In the last year, online competition for room sales in every market in the country has increased dramatically. More hotels are going online, but the big reason is that on all major booking channels, a search for a room now returns all availability within a larger 20-24 mile radius.

Last year, a search for hotels in Millington, (13 miles from Memphis) showed 6 hotels. This year, a search for Millington, TN hotels shows 74 hotels–all of the greater Memphis markets. This is good and bad. What this means is, if your hotel is in Millington, TN you now have way more competitors, but you also have the opportunity to be placed at the top of all searches for Memphis hotels and position yourself as “Memphis for less.”

For four years straight, The Alexis Inn and Suites, Nashville TN has stayed at the top of over 70 online competitors in the Nashville airport area. This priority visibility has generated a consistent double digit occupancy contribution, as well as a position as one of the top grossing South East US hotels on Travelocity, one of the world’s largest booking channels.

It’s easy to find out how many online competitors you have-go to Travelocity, search for a room in your town/area, and it will show a total near the top left of the page.

About Magnuson Hotels, the fastest growing hotel chain in history.
In only seven years, Magnuson Hotels headquartered in Spokane, WA has become the world’s largest independent hotel group, representing nearly 1500 hotels and a combined affiliate base with assets in excess of $5.5 Billion. One of the top 10 global hotel chains, Magnuson Hotels was the #1 Hotel Company of Inc. Magazine’s 2009 annual ranking of the 5,000 fastest growing privately owned U.S. companies. With a four year reservation sales growth of 595%, Magnuson Hotels is listed in the top 100 U.S. business services companies.

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