Happy hoteliers. Better service.

It's the right mix for better rates, service and overall experience.

Popinjay Hotel

Rosebank, Scotland

There are a few things we don't offer.

Like excuses or corporate impersonal service.

Wes Beal

Parkwood Inn - Magnuson Grand Hotel, Brunswick, ME

Corporate & impersonal? We think not.

2,000 independent hotel owners united toward the best service.

Tom Zamoyski

Alpine Lodge - Magnuson Hotel, Gaylord, MI

Save 25% off. Every hotel, every day.

Magnuson Hotels StarClub saves money for owners & guests.

Pie Roque

El Primero Hotel, Chula Vista, CA

If you need anything.

Real owners, on-site, ready to serve you.

Millie & John Burton

Magnuson Hotel Sweetwater, Sweetwater, TN